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Core Director
Paul Welling, M.D.

Phone: (410) 706-3851

Core Co-Director
Owen Woodward, Ph.D.

Phone: (410) 706-1760

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Relevant Commercial Reagents
Ad-CMV-Cre Recombinase

The goal of this core is to establish a repository of primary mixed immortalized and clonal immortalized cell lines derived from genetic animal models relevant to PKD. Our repository will include cell lines from different regions of mouse kidney, specific nephron segments and other tissues. Custom primary cultures and/or immortalized/clonal cell cultures for research base members are available upon request.

The Cell Culture Core is in the process of generating clonal, primary/immortalized renal epithelial and endothelial cell lines from the following mouse models:

1. Pkd1cond/cond; ROSA26R+
(requires transfection with Cre for KO [Ad-CMV-Cre; see website for link])
2. Pkd2cond/cond; ROSA26R+
(requires transfection with Cre for KO [Ad-CMV-Cre; see website for link])
3. Pkd1v/v (knock in GPS cleavage mutant) with wild type matched control. Proximal tubule or distal tubule/collecting duct.  
4. Pax8rtTA;TetO-Cre;Pkd1cond/cond;mTmG  
5. Pax8rtTA;TetO-Cre;Pkd2cond/cond;mTmG  


We will share these cell lines prior to final release with any research base investigator who would like to assist with characterization.

If you receive cell lines from Core D, we ask that you contact Paul Welling with feedback about these reagents.

Eduational Programs Pilot & Feasibility Program

The University of Maryland Medical Center and the Division of Nephrology provide multidisciplinary care for patients with PKD. For Appointments call 410-328-5720 and ask for Karleen Schuhart. Make an appointment.

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