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Feng Qian, Ph.D.

Phone: 410-706-5804

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Human urinary exosome database

Download a Primer for Basic Polycystin-1 Biochemistry

Charge-Back Charge and Fee for Serviceconstruct chart


PKD (PKD1, PKD2 or PKHD1) Expression constructs

  • Existing plasmid: $65
  • Customer plasmid: $300

Stable PKD (PKD1, PKD2 or PKHD1) cell lines (IMCD or MDCK)

  • Existing line: $150
  • Customer line: $500


  • $200 per 100 µ or $100 per 50 µg




The following PC1 antibodies are now available from Millipore and Kerafast:

  • E4: MABS1252 | Anti-Polycystin-1 Antibody, clone E4 (5F4D2)
  • E4: Anti-Polycystin-1 [E4] Antibody
  • E3: Anti-Polycystin-1 [E3] Antibody
  • E8: Anti-Polycystin-1 [E8-8C3C10] Antibody
  • mCC: Chicken Anti-Mouse Polycystin-1 (PC1), C-Terminal Antibody
  • mCC: Rabbit Anti-Mouse Polycystin-1 (PC1), C-Terminal Antibody

New rat monoclonal polycystin-1 CTF antibody (E8) released

Polycystin-1 E8 antibody Datasheet PDF

New monoclonal Polycystin-1 antibodies released

See Figure 1 Datasheet PDF

Test result for commercial polycystin-1 antibodies

See Figure 2 Table

See Figure 3 Western


This core provides a tool kit of basic science reagents that allow investigators to manipulate and analyze PKD genes and proteins. Technical assistance is available to help investigators optimize protocols and interpret data. The following reagents vectors, and cell lines are available:


  • Polycystin-1
  • Polycystin-2
  • Fibrocystin/Polyductin Datasheet PDF

    Kits for validating antibody specificity including positive and negative controls for Western analysis, immunoprecipitation and immunhistochemistry.

New Monoclonal Polycystin-1 Antibodies in Production

image one

This Core is developing a series of new mouse monoclonal Polycystin-1 antibodies directed to domains (blue boxes) in the N-terminus and C-terminus of the protein. We anticipate that these new antisera will be available to the PKD research community in the next several months.

Tagged expression vectors (mutant and wild type genes)

  • PKD1
  • PKD2
  • PKHD1

    Tags include flag, myc, HA, untagged versions also available.
    Custom engineered versions of all constructs on request.

Cell Lines

  • Murine embryonic fibroblasts (Pkd1-/-, Pkd2-/-, Pkd1t/v, Pkhd1del3-4/del3-4 and wild type controls)
  • MDCK and HEK cell lines with stable, inducible expression of wild type and mutant PKD constructs.
Eduational Programs Pilot & Feasibility Program

The University of Maryland Medical Center and the Division of Nephrology provide multidisciplinary care for patients with PKD. For Appointments call 410-328-5720 and ask for Karleen Schuhart. Make an appointment.

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