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Core Director
Stephen Seliger, M.D., M.S.

Phone: 410-328-5720

Core Co-Director
Terry Watnick, M.D.

Phone: 410-706-5803

Study Coordinator
Charalett Diggs, RN

Phone: 410-706-2122

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The goal of the Clinical and Translational Core is to establish an infrastructure that will assist investigators in designing and conducting the highest quality clinical and translational research focused on a diverse group of patients with autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD). The core provides the following services:

Mid-Atlantic ADPKD Cohort

To obtain further information please contact us via or call us at 410-706-2122.

Physician Network

To participate in the ADPKD cohort, contact  or 

Patients with ADPKD

Please contact if you are interested in participating in future studies.

PKD Investigators

Please submit a request for Baltimore PKD Center Use for assistance with a new clinical research proposal.

Clinical/Translational Core Resources

Available Resources.

Eduational Programs Pilot & Feasibility Program

The University of Maryland Medical Center and the Division of Nephrology provide multidisciplinary care for patients with PKD. For Appointments call 410-328-5720 and ask for Karleen Schuhart. Make an appointment.

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