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The Pilot & Feasibility (P&F) Program will provide eligible investigators with support to embark on innovative lines of inquiry related to Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD). We anticipate that these pilot awards will allow investigators to generate sufficient preliminary data to pursue additional external grant funding (e.g., NIH R01 grant).

The Pilot and Feasibility Program provides funding for up to two outstanding proposals per year. Each project will receive funding of up to $40,000 a year. Funding is for one year, with consideration for a second year upon re-submission of a research application and evaluation of Year 1 progress report. No more than 10% effort (1.2 Cal months) may be used to support the principal investigator's (PI) salary and fringe. Funds must be budgeted for travel and presentation at the annual Baltimore PKD Symposium held in Baltimore, Maryland.

PLEASE NOTE: There is $40,000 cap for this award which is to include any indirect costs required by the applicant’s institution. Given that this funding is primarily intended to support pilot studies by junior investigators so that they can develop preliminary data that will allow them to pursue external grant funding (e.g., NIH R01 grant), preference will be given to applications that maximize direct support for the project through reduction/waiver of indirect costs and/or supplementation with institutional funds to support the costs of the proposal. This will allow the investigator to use the maximum amount for research purposes.

Three groups of investigators are encouraged to apply:

1. New investigators who have never held extramural NIH support other than a K or R03 award and have not been PIs on R, P or U grants (or the equivalent) are the preferred group for funding. Those with MD, PhD or MD/PhD are eligible, will generally be junior faculty who are being mentored for independence.

2. Established investigators who are newly attracted to study PKD related projects.

3. PKD investigators who are starting a new, innovative project that represents a significant departure from their ongoing, funded research.

The order above (1-2-3) represents the priority for selecting projects for funding. Funding is for one year, with consideration for a second year upon submission of a formal application, which must include a progress report.

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The University of Maryland Medical Center and the Division of Nephrology provide multidisciplinary care for patients with PKD. For Appointments call 410-328-5720 and ask for Karleen Schuhart. Make an appointment.

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